Department of the Chief Executive Officer

The FASFC is led by the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO has authority and direct responsibility for three services and for the staff.

The staff of the Chief Executive Officer are responsible for the general coordination and the secretariat of the Committees: reports of the FASFC management board meetings, the basic consultation committee (trade unions), the advisory committee, etc.

Internal audit, quality and prevention

This service is the hub of the quality, safety, environment and internal control system within the FASFC. It also includes the internal service for prevention and protection at work and the mediation service, which handles complaints relating to its operation.

Communication and consumer contact point

This service is responsible for external communication in every sense of the term (spokespeople, press releases, presence at trade fairs and events, website, Bulletin).

It also manages the consumer contact point, dealing with all complaints and questions. The information service is also part of the communication service; it keeps operators in the B2C sector informed (operators directly supplying end clients) to help them comply with  regulations by holding training sessions for groups of operators.

Crisis prevention and management

Preventing incidents in the food chain is one of the FASFC's main concerns. The crisis prevention and management service sets up crisis scenarios, organises simulation exercises (for the authorities and operators) and tracks potentials signs of crisis.

This service acts as coordinator and leader in the event of a crisis or incident in the food chain and represents the FASFC in national and international organisations (Governmental crisis centre, EFSA and NATO).

Last updated: 24/09/2019