Directorate General Corporate Services

The Directorate-General General Services has a cross-cutting role to support the entire organisation. It manages the FASFC personnel, budget, financing, logistics, ICT and legal service.

Personnel and Organisation (P&O)

The role of this service is to attract, recruit, welcome, inspire, guide and pay competent personnel and encourage their development with the resources available, so that the FASFC can perform its duties effectively and efficiently.

With its customised service for personnel members, line management and the FASFC as a whole, P&O contributes to the achievement of the organisation's mission and objectives and thus reconciles the needs of employees and those of the organisation.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

This service ensures that the FASFC has the IT tools it needs to complete its missions at all times. To do this, it has a solid team of internal experts supported by specialised consultants for shorter or more in-depth missions.

Budget and management control

This service carries out the FASFC accounting in accordance with general accounting, budget and analysis principles. It prepares the FASFC budget and budget control. It draws up the annual accounts and monitors cash flow. The service systematically analyses potential financial risks and proposes measures to manage these risks.

In application of Article 303 of the programme law of 24 December 2002, the service is also responsible for the accounting management of the organic budget funds (Health Fund, Raw Materials Fund and Plant Fund) that come under the scope of the FPS Public Health.


The role of this service is to collect the annual contributions from all operators subject to FASFC control. It sends annual declaration forms to the operators, processes the declarations it receives, prepares invoices, sends them out and collects amounts outstanding.

It also collects the payments requested by the FASFC for certain services (meat expertise, certificates, audits, approval requests, etc.).


This service supports the basic FASFC processes by providing materials and equipment for agents, hosting the services, the workstations, the logistics provision and transport, the management of stocks and the inventory, contract management and public contracts.

Legal service

This service provides the other FASFC services with legal expertise, helps to draft regulations and issues opinions. It also defends the FASFC's interests and ensures it completes its missions by preventing conflicts and managing disputes in court.

The Commissioners for administrative fines are part of this service; they impose fines on those who violate the legislation and maintain relations with the public prosecutor's department.

Last updated: 16/01/2023