In order to realize its mission the FASFC can count on:

  • approximately 1,260 collaborators spread across:
    • the central administration (with approx. 420 collaborators), (ISO 9001 certified)
    • 9 local control units (LCUs) accredited according to ISO 17020 (with some 660 collaborators),
    • 5 internal laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025 (with some 150 collaborators),
    • a service dedicated to coordinated investigations against fraud (National Investigation Unit (NIU)(with approximately 20 collaborators),
  • a close collaboration with various federal and regional public services, including police and customs, and with private institutions;
  • approximately 600 independent veterinarians on assignment, they are mainly veterinarians but they also contain a number of engineers equivalent to 300 FTE, who carry out control missions (mainly ante- and post-mortem inspections in slaughterhouses) and certification missions under the supervision of the FASFC. When veterinarians on assignment carry out assignments on behalf of the FASFC, they have the status of official veterinarians;
  • a network of about 60 external laboratories, approved by the FASFC, as well as 9 national reference laboratories;
  • a budget of approximately 166million € for 2017.




Last updated: 15/10/2019