Directorate General Control Policy

The Directorate-General Control Policy (DGCP) is responsible for preparing the policy, the operational regulations and the multi-annual control programme based on a risk assessment. This multi-annual plan must meet the requirements of the MANCP, as set out in Regulation 882/2004.

It also organises cooperation with the relevant sectors and external bodies and implements administrative simplification.

The DGCP represents Belgium at a number of EU and international forums, including Belgian representation at the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health), the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF) and the "Codex alimentarius pour les matières", which fall within the scope of the FASFC. It therefore helps to spread the influence of the FASFC internationally.

The Director of the Animal Health and Safety of Animal Products Department is also the Belgian CVO (Chief Veterinary Officer). Likewise, the Director of the Plant Protection and Safety of Plant Products Department is the operational COPHS (Chief Officer of Plant Health Services). They work in close collaboration with the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. The Directorate-General is also the permanent point of contact for the Commission's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) and monitors FVO missions in Belgium.

Sector-based departments
The DGCP has three sector-based departments:
• the Plant Protection and Safety of Plant Products Department,
• the Animal Health and Safety of Animal Products Department,
• the Processing and Distribution of Foodstuffs Department.

Their main missions include:
• preparing legislation,
• representing the FASFC at the European Commission, the Council and other international forums,
• the sampling, analysis and inspection programme,
• presenting the results of this programme to government, the sectors, the public and various European and international bodies,
• monitoring self-checking guides and the implementation of validated self-checking systems,
• contact with the stakeholders, including other public authorities and the sectors.

Executive departments
The DGCP also has three executive departments:
• International Relations Executive Department,
• Risk Assessment Department,
• Department for the Integration of Business Information.

Their main missions include:
• concluding bilateral agreements allowing Belgian operators to access the markets of third countries, and supporting operators in collaboration with the regional agencies,
• assessing the risks linked to the food chain by supporting the work of the Scientific Committee and developing its own operational risk assessments,
• contact with the risk assessment organisations, in particular the EFSA,
• developing high-quality databases within the FASFC,
• monitoring the progressive introduction of e-government,
• cooperating with other Federal public databases (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, Crossroads Bank for Social Security, etc.) at a regional and a European level (EFSA).


Last updated: 10/05/2019