Advisory Committee

The FASFC’s Advisory Committee issues opinions on all issues pertaining to policies adopted or to be adopted by the FASFC, either on its own initiative or at the request of the Minister or the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee also acts as a consultative platform for the FAFSC and its partners, where fully transparent discussions can be held on current affairs, the evolution of regulations, funding, export impediments, etc.

The Committee is composed of around 40 members representing the main business sectors, consumer associations and the authorities involved in the operation of the Agency: the consumer organisations, the agricultural production sector, the animal food production sector, the organisations working in the food industry, the chemical industry, trade under the control of the FASFC, the catering and hospitality sector, the transport sector and the FPS Public Health, Economy, Regions and Communities.

It is chaired by the FASFC Chief Executive Officer. This Committee has an important consultative role.

Last updated: 10/05/2019