General information

The FASFC is the competent authority for issuing export certificates for all commodities within the entire food chain, including live animals, plants, animal feed and all kind of food. The FASFC controls the exported goods and accompanying documents depending on the risk presented by the consignment to certify and the requirements applied by the importing country.

Export certification is carried out by FASFC certifying agents. The FASFC certifying agent verifies that the exporting establishment and the exported goods comply with all the requirements of the EU Food Law and with the specific requirements (if any) of the country of destination. When specific trade agreements have been made with third countries, the FASFC develops instruction manuals for each bilateral certificate agreed upon in order to clarify certification requirements for the exporting operators and for the FASFC certifying agents.
A copy of all export certificates issued by the FASFC is saved by the FASFC for at least 5 years.

Where the provisions of a bilateral agreement concluded between the Community or one of its Member States and a third country are applicable, commodities exported from the Community or that Member State to that third country shall comply with the said provisions.
Commodities exported or re-exported from the Community for placing on the market in a third country shall comply with the requirements of their relevant legislation, unless otherwise requested by the authorities of the importing country or established by the laws, regulations, standards, codes of practice and other legal and administrative procedures as may be in force in the importing country.

In other circumstances, except in the case where foods are injurious to health, food can only be exported or re-exported if the competent authorities of the country of destination have expressly agreed, after having been fully informed of the reasons for which and the circumstances in which the food concerned could not be placed on the market in the Community.

Last updated: 02/12/2022