Animal holdings

Every holding including bovines, pigs, poultry (> 200 animals), sheep, goats or cervids is registered in the central database, named ‘SANITEL’.

SANITEL is the official database for the identification, registration (I&R) and traceability of all food producing animals, holders and holdings that produce those animals.

SANITEL is officially in place for:

  • Bovines: since 1992
  • Pigs: since 1995
  • Small ruminants and cervids: since 1996
  • Poultry: since 1999
  • Aquaculture animals (Fish): since 2010
  • Rabbits: since 2018

The FASFC is the legislative and controlling (supervising) authority in charge of SANITEL Two animal health service associations, DGZ and ARSIA , both approved by the competent Minister, are the executing bodies, managing the Sanitel database.

In SANITEL are registered:

  • All holdings keeping food producing animals:
    • Address – geographical coordinates;
    • Unique holding number;
  • Animal herds (per species) per holding:
    • Address – geographical coordinates;
    • Unique holding number / herd number;
    • Linked locations and pastures at distance (> 25 km) (for bovines);
    • Production characteristics (for pigs and poultry):
      • Housing system;
      • Type of production: breeding, fattening, rearing,  …..
    • Production capacity (for pigs and poultry)
    • Yearly animal count (for small ruminants).
  • Animal holders:
    • Responsible person per holding;
    • Unique holder number.

Furthermore, the following ‘other operators’, dealing with live animals, are registered in SANITEL:

  • Traders, assembly centres and control posts;
  • Transporters;
  • Slaughterhouses;
  • Approved veterinarians (for epidemiological surveillance).

For each holding, SANITEL also contains information on:

  • The individual animals themselves: bovines only;
  • A yearly animal count: for small ruminants only;
  • The movements of animals (from/to holdings: e.g. farm, assembly centres,slaughterhouse);
  • The farm veterinarian: for bovine, pigs and poultry;
  • The sanitary risk status regarding several official and non-official diseases;
  • The risk status regarding residues of veterinary medicines, abuse of hormonal products and contaminants;
  • Medicine treatments: e.g. vaccination programmes for official diseases;
  • Delivered and used volume of antibiotics: for pigs, poultry (chickens), veal calves (in a separate module of SANITEL, called SANITEL-MED).
Last updated: 22/04/2020