Travelling with pets

Travelling with a pet outside Belgium is subject to rules. This page explains these rules for dogs, cats and ferrets (DCF).

Before planning a trip with your pet, it is important to check that the entry and transit of any DCF you wish to take to another country is permitted and whether certain conditions are prescribed by the competent authorities of the countries of transit and destination. These movements may be commercial or non-commercial in nature:

A movement is considered commercial if it is intended for the sale or transfer of ownership of the animal. Also, any non-commercial movement of more than 5 animals per owner is considered to be commercial. For these movements, therefore, the rules for commercial movements must be abided by. An exception to this are DCF that take part in exhibitions, competitions, sports events, or training sessions for such events. The latter on condition that the animals are more than 6 months old and that the owner or authorized person provides written proof that the pets are registered for the purpose of attending an event, or are registered with an association that organizes such events.

Last updated: 17/11/2020