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EU Legislation

Council Directive 91/496/EC of 15 July 1991 laying down the principles governing the organization of veterinary checks on animals entering the Community from third countries and amending Directives 89/662/EEC, 90/425/EEC and 90/675/EEC

Regulation (EC) 282/2004 of 18 February 2004 introducing a document for the declaration of, and veterinary checks on, animals from third countries entering the Community (Text with EEA relevance)

All animal species have been given a code in EU legislation

The list of products to be checked and their corresponding codes can be found in Annex I to Decision 2007/275.

Decision 97/794/EC laying down certain detailed rules for the application of Council Directive 91/496/EEC as regards veterinary checks on live animals to be imported from third countries

Live animals are subjected to veterinary checks at the Border Inspection Posts:

Commission Decision 2009/821/EC of 28 September 2009 drawing up a list of approved border inspection posts, laying down certain rules on the inspections carried out by Commission veterinary experts and laying down the veterinary units in Traces (notified under document C(2009) 7030) (Text with EEA relevance)

The registration of live animal consignments and the results of the checks are included in TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System)

Decision 2004/292/EC of 30 March 2004 on the introduction of the Traces system and amending Decision 92/486/EEC (Text with EEA relevance) (notified under document number C(2004) 1282)

Belgian Legislation

RD 31-12-1992 veterinary checks of live animals

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