Animal-by-products and derived products that are imported into EU need to comply with the EU-legislation which is explained in the section “animal-by products” of this website. Specific import requirements and import health certificates for animal-by-products and derived products are specified in annex XIV and annex XV of Commission Regulation (EU) n° 142/2011 (see section “Legislation ABP”). Chapter I of annex XIV describes the conditions for import of animal-by-products and derived products destined for use in the feed chain, other than pet food and feed for fur animals (e.g. processed animal proteins, egg products), while chapter II describes the import conditions for animal-by-products and derived products destined for uses outside the feed chain for farmed animals (e.g. pet food, processed manure, skins, pig hair). Consignments are only allowed to come from listed third countries and from an establishment or plant which is registered or approved by the competent authority of the third country.

Animal byproducts and derived products for which import requirements have not been harmonized at the EU level (meaning that the import requirements are not laid down in Regulation (EU) n° 142/2011), must comply with the requirements as specified by the Member State in its national measures. In Belgium, an import license is required for the import of these so called non-harmonized products and the requirements are specified on the import license.

Last updated: 08/10/2019