Animal feed that is imported into EU need to comply with the EU-legislation which is explained in the section “feed” of this website.

Specific import requirements and import health certificates for animal feed are specified in annex I of the decision 2007/275/CE. This is the Commission Decision of 17 April 2007 concerning lists of animals and products to be subject to controls at border inspection posts under Council Directives 91/496/EEC and 97/78/EC

Further information is available on page Importing live animals and products of animal origin and in the section “feed” of this website.

The regulation (EC) No. 882/2004 provides for the drawing up of a list of animal feed of non-animal origin which, on the basis of a known risk, should be subject to specific official inspections at specific entry points. The animal feed targeted is presented in annex I of the regulation (EC) No. 669/2009. Animal feed subject to specific controls also refers to animal feed subject to emergency measures as provided for by the regulation (EC) No.178/2002.

Feed for which import requirements have not been harmonized at the EU level, must comply with the requirements as specified by the Member State in its national measures.

On the basis of the Royal Decree of 1 March 2009, the introduction into the Belgian territory of each batch of animal feed from third countries other than feed subject to a specific inspection should be the object of a prior declaration by e-mail sent to the point of entry where the consignment is introduced using the "Form certifying to the inspections for the animal feed introduced" (FR), 72 hours before its introduction. The fields in zone A of the form should be completed.

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Last updated: 09/10/2019