Import controls


The Regulation (EU) 2017/625 governs official controls carried out to ensure the conformity with, among other things, the legislation on animal feed, at all stages of production and distribution. In particular, it provides for regular official controls of animal feed of non-animal original imported into the European Community. Special attention is paid to inspections for the import of animal feed which may present an increased risk of contamination through the Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2019/1793 or regulations/implementation decisions introducing emergency measures.

In order to ensure the effective organisation of official controls, BCP's and inspection centres are designated in the EU. Before being introduced into Belgium, every consignment of animal feed must be notified at one of these BCP's.

Official controls include at least one document inspection and, if necessary, an identity inspection and a physical inspection.

Unless legislation imposes the contrary, once all the inspections have been carried out, the transport of the animal feed to the destination is authorised while awaiting the analysis results.

In the case of the presence of prohibited and/or undesirable substances being found in the products destined for animal feed, the products concerned may be seized or confiscated and destroyed, subjected to special treatment or sent outside of the Community at the expense of the owner of the suspect batch.

In accordance with European regulation (EC) No 183/2005, manufacturers of additives and premixtures in third countries must have a representative located in the European Union in order to export to a Member State. The establishments situated in Belgium, which are currently representatives, are shown in the attached table, in alphabetic order, with an indication of the manufacturers and the products which are represented (link).


Last updated: 19/01/2023