General certificates

The Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) is an official document issued by the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of the exporting country to the NPPO of the importing country. It certifies that the plants, plant products or other regulated articles described:

  • have been inspected and / or tested according to appropriate official procedures, and
  • considered to be free of quarantine pests as specified by the importing country, and
  • they are found to comply with the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country, including those for regulated non-quarantine pests.

According to ISPM 12 (point 3) and Article VI, paragraph 2, of the IPPC and ISPM 32, NPPOs of importing countries should not request PC for plant products which have been processed to such a degree that there is no risk of introduction of regulated pests, or for other products for which phytosanitary measures are not necessary.

In case of disagreement on the technical reasons for requesting PC, NPPOs should consult bilaterally.


Last updated: 29/03/2022