This page gives general information on the issuance of certificates related to the export of foodstuffs to third countries.

Foodstuffs discussed on these pages are generally considered as low risk commodities and often health certificates are not required for foodstuffs or food contact materials.

Exports of products of animal origin destined for human consumption are often considered high risk commodities and must be accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing the health requirements of third countries. More about this type of food can be found on Export > Products of animal origin for human consumption.

Most countries have regulations in place which set out phytosanitary and veterinary requirements for food and foodstuffs and other regulated articles imported into their territories. The exported products must always comply with the regulations in force in the importing country. Some countries have requirements that are stricter or different than those imposed in the European Union. It is therefore necessary to adapt export certification to the specific phytosanitary and veterinary requirements of third countries.

Last updated: 04/09/2019