Belgian presidency of the European Union

From 1 January to 30 June 2024, Belgium will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

As President of the Council, Belgium will lead the European agenda and promote cooperation among the Member States. The aim will be to strengthen the European Union and make progress in several areas, such as climate change, economic growth and social cohesion. To this end, Belgium will act as a neutral mediator to lead the legislative work and seek compromises among the EU Member States.



Several high-level summits and conferences will take place during the Belgian Presidency, during which important decisions will be made about the future of the European Union. Belgium will work closely with the other EU Member States and institutions, such as the Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

More general information is available on the official website of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union:
The FASFC’s areas of competence dealt with at European level are part of the "Agrifish" sector, which will be chaired during this period by the Federal Minister of Agriculture, David Clarinval, who is also the Agency’s supervising Minister. The fisheries part, however, will be chaired by Flanders.

The FASFC works closely with the other federal and regional public institutions involved in this sector, in particular as part of the formal general coordination that is organised.

The FASFC will chair the formal groups of the ‘Chief Veterinary Officers-CVOs’ via the Belgian CVO, Ms. Chantal Rettigner (who is also the Agency’s Director of ‘Animal Health and Safety of Animal Products’ ), as well as the groups dedicated to export to third countries (non-EU countries), also known as the ‘Potsdam’ and ‘Roosendaal’ groups, via its Director of International Affairs, Mr. Leslie Lambregts.
The FASFC will also chair the ‘Heads of Food Safety Agencies-HoA’ group via its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Herman Diricks.
The Agency will act as the Vice-Chair of other groups chaired by the FPS Public Health, such as the ‘Chief Plant Health Officers (COPHS)’ via Mr. Michaël Colson, Deputy COPHS (and the Agency’s Director of ‘Plant Protection and Safety of Plant Products’), and the ‘Food safety’ group via Ms. Katrien Beullens, Chief Food Safety Officer (and the Agency’s Director of ‘Processing and Distribution of Foodstuffs’).

The topics that will be addressed more specifically by the FASFC concern food safety and animal health, all within a "One Health" context.

Regarding food safety, the emphasis will be on ‘Food safety culture’ and new food safety control technologies.
For animal health, the priority will be disease prevention, and more particularly biosecurity and vaccination. The shortage of veterinarians will also be discussed.

Finally, the Agency will provide logistical and financial support to its supervising Minister.



In addition to the formal meetings, which will be held regularly in the buildings of the Council of the EU, the following events will be organised for specific target audiences (by invitation).

Public presentations will be made available via the links that will be activated on an ad hoc basis.

Last updated: 17/01/2024