Multi-annual control plan

Regulation (EU) no 2017/625 stipulates that each Member State has to draw up a Multi-Annual National Control Plan (MANCP). The MANCP describes the strategy of the Member State (for a particular period) in order to guarantee an efficient result of controls and the preservation of the respect of the legislation under consideration by operators. It includes, among other things, a description of the competent authorities, the general organisation, the management of official controls and the different control systems. Given its content, there is an overlap of information in the MANCP and the Country Profile , and therefore, the former is also used by the Commission’s services to facilitate and prepare their activities in the Member States.

Given the fact that the FASFC – as one of the many compethent authorities involved in the MANCP of Belgium – is in charge of most of the official controls with regard to Regulation (EU) no 2017/625 it assumes a coordinating role, but without assuming the responsibilities of the “single body”. A “single body” of Belgium has not yet been designated. For what the FASFC concerns, the duration of the MANCP is the same as that of the business plan of the CEO of the FASFC. This way the strategic and operational objectives of the FASFC are linked to those of the MANCP..

MANCP (2018-2020)

A report on the evolution of the MANCP is given each year to the European Commission.

Last updated: 29/11/2022