Approval & registration of ABP operators

According to the ABP regulations, all operators active at any stage of the generation, transport, handling, processing, storage, placing on the market, distribution, use or disposal of animal by-products (ABP) and derived products must be registered with the competent authorities. Some ABP operators however need an approval before they can start their activities, i.e operators:

  • processing ABP;
  • (co-)incinerating ABP unless the (co-)incinerators are already approved under environmental law;
  • combusting ABP;
  • producing petfood;
  • manufacturing organic fertilizers and soil improvers;
  • transforming ABP into biogas or compost;
  • handling ABP after their collection, by way of operations such as sorting, cutting, chilling, freezing, salting, removal of hides and skins or of specified risk material;
  • storing ABP or;
  • storing derived products destined for landfill, (co-)incineration, combustion or organic fertilizers and soil improvers.

The full lists of these registrations or approvals can be found at the “company lists” page.

Last updated: 29/08/2019