Animal by-products (ABP) for uses other than feed

Animal by-products (ABP) are used in modern society for an incredible variety of applications. Some applications are very old, others are recent, but all show the valuable contribution ABP can have in the shift towards more sustainable industry. Besides their use in feed (see specific page on ABP used in feed) other applications are possible within the current legal framework. This page gives a short explanation of the legal requirements and who the competent authority is in Belgium for these uses.

Depending on the category of ABP, ABP can be used for a variety of uses other than feed. The table below provides an overview of the most common authorised applications per category of ABP authorised by EU law.

ABP for other use table.jpg

Apart from these applications, other less common ways of using or removing ABP are provided for in the ABP regulations, including their use in exhibitions, artistic activities, diagnostics, educational & research purposes, display items, biodynamic preparations and derogations in times of crisis.

The ABP regulations also provide for rules to meet the special nutritional needs of certain animals. The ABP regulations authorise that endangered species and zoo animals have access to all categories of ABP, even, for example, category 1 with SRM. Circus animals, reptiles, birds of prey, fur animals, wild animals, animals in kennels, packs of hounds, animals in shelters and maggots & worms raised for fishing bait can be fed on category 2 and 3 materials. For some of these practices, the regulations will lay down certain general rules, but the most important requirement is the need for an authorisation by the national competent authority (in Belgium the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment).

In Belgium, various authorities are competent depending on the application of the ABPs. To know which authority is competent for which usage or removal of ABPs please consult the “official controls of ABP” page.

Last updated: 29/08/2019